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Trader Joe’s Masala Burger and Homemade Buffalo Wings served with Tater Tots

The weather has been very hot in Philadelphia the past few weeks so it’s been difficult cooking anything. For the 4th of July, I felt like I needed to make something to be festive so I decided on burgers, tater tots, and one of my favorites, homemade vegan buffalo wings. This dish isn’t very difficult to make and is really worth cooking in the summer heat.

Vegan Buffalo Wings (Serves 4)

To make the wings you will need:

  • Seitan (store bought or homemade) – 2 lbs
  • Soy milk or other milk – 2 cups
  • Whole wheat flour – 2 cups
  • Frying oil – enough to fill pan so seitan is immersed 
  • Hot sauce – 1 16oz bottle
  • Earth Balance or other vegan butter – 1/4 stick 

Seitan – I started by making seitan. I love the seitan recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen. This is what I used, but I doubled it to make 2 lbs of seitan. You can find the recipe by clicking here: The PPK, Homemade Seitan. You may also buy seitan in a supermarket like Whole Foods. You may need to buy 2-3 containers depending on the size. I always opt for homemade seitan because it’s fun, cheap, and very easy to make.

After you have the seitan, it’s time for frying the seitan. Squeeze the excess water from the seitan and cut or rip the seitan into bit size pieces. Next, take two separate medium size bowls and put milk in one and the flour in the second. Get your cooking pan and oil ready for frying. Dip the seitan pieces in the milk and then cover in the flour. Place them in the oil and fry until ready. Set the finished pieces aside on paper towel to soak up excess oil.


Buffalo Sauce – After the seitan is fried, you’re ready to put them in the buffalo sauce. The sauce is quick and easy to make. Put the hot sauce and butter into a sauce pan and turn on heat to low. Let the butter melt and then put in the wings. You’re finished!

Tip: You can leave the wings and sauce separate and drizzle the sauce on when you’re ready to eat them. This will help the wings stay crisp.

Vegan Buffalo Wings

Masala Burger and Tater Tots (Serves 4)

To make the masala burgers you’ll need to pick up the patties from Trader Joe’s. They’re in the frozen section. I also picked up a sesame baguette to use for the bun, instead of the traditional burger buns. I cut some onion and put my favorite condiments on the burger. The burgers have indian spices that are prominent in the flavor. I enjoy these a lot.

Trade Joe’s Masala Burger

I purchased the potato tots from Trader Joe’s as well, and used the entire 2lb bag. Since I was only sharing this with my partner, I had many leftovers after the fireworks!

I hope you enjoy the recipe and let me know if you did any tweaking or how it turned out!

Schuylkill River Park July 4th 2012